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Become a Member


As members of our community, you and your children (ages 4+) will receive our Good Mail Challenge newsletter in your mailbox each month, explaining how to complete one fun and easy, family-friendly give back activity, also known as a "challenge." 

It's kind of like a magazine subscription with an ALS Bucket Challenge vibe.

Focusing on different causes at different times of the year, our activities always help the earth, the animals or the people... and they can be completed on your own time, in your own neighborhood using materials you probably already have in your home!

To view a few of our monthly challenges, please click on an image below:

Whether it's delivering Valentine's to elderly neighbors living in a nearby nursing home or donating homemade dog toys to a local animal shelter, our mission is to help parents and children make memories with each other while making a difference in their community.

NEW for 2017!

Children will receive an ADDITIONAL "mid-month mailer" highlighting families all over the country who've completed the previous month's challenge, reminding them they're part of a nationwide community of good kids doing good things! 


Families will also receive a copy of "Our Family's Giving Book," a 56-page journal providing them with a special space to reflect on (and record!) their experiences completing each month's challenge!

It's kind of like a "baby book"... but BETTER!!!


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PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is included. At your convenience, this membership, "Become a Member," will auto-renew at the end of 12 months, but can be cancelled at anytime. If you do not want your membership to auto-renew, we recommend purchasing a "Gift Membership" instead. 


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