Parents and teachers

Create a more compassionate environment

After presenting at TEDx in 2014, Giving Families' founder, Beth Nowak has been meeting with parents and teachers to provide them with tips and tools designed to help children develop a sense of purpose, which increases their self-esteem and abilities to be compassionate/empathetic (all skills a bully typically lacks). To learn more about the presentations and workshops she offers, please click here.

Schools, churches, and nonprofits

Fundaise for your Organization

We partner with schools, churches and nonprofits, offering them an opportunity to raise funds for their organization by helping us spread the word about our mission. For each family that joins Giving Families (or sends a gift membership to someone else's), we'll donate $5 to support their cause! Learn more about this exciting opportunity here. (Available only to organizations in the United States with a valid Tax ID.)

Socially-minded businesses, large and small

Support a cause with your products/services

We understand the importance of providing goods and/or services that improve the lives of others while also making the world a better place. So whether you're a nationally recognized brand, a financial institution looking to help children save/spend/give, or an online retailer interested in promoting a current campaign or creating a new initiative, please let us know. We'd love to help, provided your products and/or services are of value to our families.

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