Giving Families' Good Mail Challenge for October 2016

This summer, my kids and I went to a few garage sales looking for deals. One of our favorite finds was this fancy, old nightlight made out of shells.

Super excited, my daughter, Harper couldn't wait to get home, plug it in and turn it on. When we did however, sparks flew! So we immediately unplugged it, and found this...

Fortunately, we didn't need to put out any fires, but it created a great opportunity to talk about the dangers of fire and what to do in case of an emergency. 

As Fire Prevention Month, we figured October would be the perfect month to thank our local firefighters for their service, but also to encourage families to talk about their fire prevention and preparation plans.

Here's a downloadable template you can use when making your card:

Looking for a fire department near you? Here's a national database to help you out! 


Just a friendly reminder...while we're extremely excited to have families all over the country thanking their local firefighters for their service, we're even more excited parents all over the country are making intentional efforts to educate, engage and empower their children through shared moments of giving. The time we're spending together, with our children, build's into their character and confidence in ways we can't even begin to imagine, creating ripples of kindness, compassion and generosity that will benefit our families and our communities for generations to come. Thanks for all you do...and thanks for being part of the family!

The Nowaks ~ Andy, Beth, Harper & Frank


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Extend the activity...

Reflect on your experiences by printing off a copy of our journaling page. You can answer the questions on the front, and then draw a picture of you and your family completing the Challenge on the back!



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