Giving Families' Good Mail Challenge for June 2016

This month's Challenge is to create cat toys out of recycled materials, and then donate them to a local animal shelter. 

It was inspired by my beautiful friend, Rachel and her two equally beautiful daughters, Avery and Natalie, who've been volunteering their time at a local animal shelter, playing with cats and kittens. 

Rachel is a blogger and the author of two of my favorite books, Hands Free Mama and Hands Free Life; she's also working on her third book (which I'm SUPER excited for!)  

While reading one of Rachel's most recent posts, Here, You Can Breathe...Here, You Are Enough explaining the joy she's experienced from volunteering alongside her daughters, I found myself identifying with every single word she wrote as I too have experienced the tremendous healing power that comes from helping others and thoroughly enjoy sharing those benefits with my own two children.

As a result, Harper and Frank no longer ask to go to a park on sunny days; they ask to go play with dogs at the animal shelter instead.

If they do ask to go to a park, they also ask to bring some gloves and a plastic bag so we can pick up trash before they play.


With June being "Adopt a Cat" month, following on the heal's of May's "Mental Health Awareness Month," it seemed only right to suggest providing shelter cats with toys while they wait for their forever home so families, like yours and mine, can make memories while making a difference AND fully experience the healing power that come from helping others (including cats).

We hope you enjoy this month's activity as much as we did! Please be sure to share your photos, as well as any tips and/or questions you may have, on our NEW "members-only" closed group on Facebook.



Here's how you can help the animals...


Gather your materials. 

For this challenge, you'll need a pair of scissors and empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls. 



Make fun toys.

Cut the rolls in 1/2" rings, and then insert one ring into another, continuing with a third and a fourth ring until they resemble a ball.

TIP: For more homemade cat toy ideas, click here!

(Note: The FIRST link you click on may trigger a pop up asking you to sign up for the blog in order to access the instructions. If you do not want to sign up for the blog, simply "x" out of the sign up form and then click another link. Easy peasy.)

REMINDER: It's ok if your balls fall apart once cats start playing with them - ours did - but they enjoyed flipping the individual rings around just as much as they enjoyed batting the balls around:) 




Deliver them to cats.

Visit your local animal shelter, delivering your toys to cats and kittens waiting for their forever homes!

TIP 1: Click here to find a shelter or rescue in your area.

TIP 2: Call first to see if they accept homemade toys. Ours does, but yours may not; it's always best to call first.



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To reflect on your experiences...

Print off a copy of our journaling page, then answer the questions on the front and draw a picture of you and your family completing the Challenge on the back: 



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