Giving Families' Good Mail Challenge for July 2016

This month's Challenge is to help keep plastic toys out of landfills by UPcycling them instead.

It was inspired by this...Harper and Frank's toy box full of old drive thru toys and figurines they NEVER play with: 

As much as I hate keeping them around, I hate sending them to a landfill even more.

So when I was invited to present "Raising Compassionate and Generous Children in World of Entitlement and Excess" at the Children's Museum's Learning Through Play conference back in March, I was excited to meet Tommy.

Tommy's the founder of a nonprofit called Happen Inc. and his mission is to "help parents and children share creative, bonding experiences through art." One of the ways he does that is through Happen's Toy Lab, "a one-of-a-kind, wacky laboratory where guests create their own unique toy creations using pieces and parts of old and broken toys donated by members of the community."

Since I'm always looking for an alternative to throwing away broken toys or donating old ones (especially drive thru ones because I'm not even sure they're acceptable donations), I couldn't wait to support Tommy's efforts through Happen Inc. by suggesting this month's Challenge!  



Here's how you can help the earth (and people!)...


Search through your stuff. 

Look for small toys less than 12" tall, like drive thru toys, dolls and figurines. 



Pack them up.

Stuff them inside a small box, along with a brief note about your family.




Send them to Happen Inc.

Address the box to: Happen Inc., 4201 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223 and take it to the post office.


Want to see some fun "new" toys made from UPcycled ones at Happen's Toy Lab? Click here to see their Toy Gallery! 

TIP: Here are 4 additional ways you can UPcycle small plastic toys: 

1) Pass them out at Halloween instead of candy

2) Stuff them in goody bags for your next birthday party

3) Donate them to a teacher for his/her "treat box"

4) Package them up as a little gift for older siblings when a new baby is born  



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Extend the activity...

Reflect on your experiences by printing off a copy of our journaling page. You can answer the questions on the front, and then draw a picture of you and your family completing the Challenge on the back!



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