Giving Families' Good Mail Challenge for August 2016

It was inspired by my son, Frank's fascination with coins and dollar bills.

After enrolling him in summer camp at the aquarium this summer, I quickly realized he wasn't quite ready for a full-day program so I picked him up after lunch each day at 1 pm. 

His sister, Harper wanted to stay however. So, instead of going home and driving back again a few hours later to get her, Frank and I walked around the aquarium and talked about all the things he'd learned at camp.

The first day we approached the aquarium's coin funnel, I gave Frank a few coins from my wallet to drop inside. The next day, he wanted to bring a bag full of his own. 

Within seconds, he offered a coin to this little boy so he could put one into the funnel too.

Next thing I knew, a crowd had formed and Frank was passing out coins to all the kids.  

 Knowing how much he loves his coins, I was shocked to see him sharing them with strangers. But he was having a blast...and I'm confident your kids will too!





Here's how it works...


Collect coins.  

Look under couch cushions and in your piggy bank for coins, and then put them in a bag. 

Did you know? The average American family has over $40 in loose change in their home!



Go to a funnel or fountain.

Funnels and fountains are common in communal spaces such as museums, zoos, malls and parks. 

Know of an organization who could benefit from installing a coin funnel? They've helped nonprofits raise over $1 billion since being invented in 1985! Grants are available from to help cover the cost. Feel free to share this information with anyone who may be interested.



Meet new people.

Offer your coins to people passing by, inviting them to put them into the fountain or funnel.

I was super excited to learn that mini coin funnels can be purchased for in-home use as piggy banks. My kids don't know it yet, but they'll both be getting one for Christmas:) Learn more here. 



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Extend the activity...

Reflect on your experiences by printing off a copy of our journaling page. You can answer the questions on the front, and then draw a picture of you and your family completing the Challenge on the back!



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