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What is Giving Families and why was it created?

Giving Families is a nationwide network of parents developing their children's confidence and character through monthly give-back "challenges" that are fun for the whole family. 

It's kind of like a magazine subscription with an ALS Bucket Challenge vibe.

Our goal is to be more intentional about expressing our gratitude for the gifts we've been given, but also more intentional to:

EDUCATE our children about the problems of our world...

Gently exposing children to the problems of our world will not depress them; it will make them grateful for what they have and eager to come up with some solutions. Besides, don't they deserve a chance to change the world BEFORE they grow up to inherit it?!?

ENGAGE them in meaningful activities that make a difference in the lives of others...

Research shows children who observe their parents donating their time and/or treasures to the causes they care about will be more likely to grow up and do the same. Children who participate however, are even more likely to grow up teaching their children to do the same. 

EMPOWER them to have a positive impact on the future of our world...

Can you imagine what the future of our world would look like 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years from now if EVERY child grew up believing (s)he were capable of making the world a better place? Well, that's our vision and our mission is to make sure it happens ASAP!


How do I get involved? 

Become a member to receive our monthly newsletter (delivered via snail mail), called Good Mail Challenges

As members of our community, you and your children (ages 4+) will receive our Good Mail Challenge newsletter in your mailbox each month, explaining how to complete one fun and easy, family-friendly give back activity, also known as a "challenge." 

Focusing on different causes at different times of the year, our activities always help the earth, the animals or the people... and they can be completed on your own time, in your own neighborhood using materials you probably already have in your home!

To view a few of our monthly challenges, please click on an image below:

Whether it's delivering Valentine's to elderly neighbors living in a nearby nursing home or donating homemade dog toys to a local animal shelter, our mission is to help parents and children make memories with each other while making a difference in their community.

NEW for 2017!

Children will receive an ADDITIONAL "mid-month mailer" highlighting families all over the country who've completed the previous month's challenge, reminding them they're part of a nationwide community of good kids doing good things! 


Families will also receive a copy of "Our Family's Giving Book," a 56-page journal providing them with a special space to reflect on (and record!) their experiences completing each month's challenge!

It's kind of like a "baby book"... but BETTER!!!



Can I send someone a gift membership? 

Yes, of course! 

When doing so, you can download and print our customizable gift letter, available here. Simply add your personalized message, then include it in a birthday or holiday card!


I've received a gift membership. Can I send my gifter a "Thank you!" card?

Yes! Click here to download and print, just be sure to select "Fit" or "Scale to Fit".


Has Giving Families been mentioned in the media or won any awards?

Yes, we have!

Visit our Media page to view an up-to-date listing of our local and national media attention, as well as awards we've received.


Do you have a presence on social media?


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest by searching for @GivingFamilies or #GoodMailChallenge.


Is Giving Families a nonprofit? 

No, Giving Families is NOT a nonprofit. It was founded by Beth Nowak, a former Kindergarten teacher with 12 years of experience in the classroom and a Master's degree in Montessori Education; she is also the mother of two young children.

After leaving the classroom to create Giving Families, she registered it as an LLC, meaning any purchases made through our Shop are NOT tax-deductible. 


Does Giving Families support nonprofits?

Yes, we offer a Partner Program for nonprofits where - in exchange for their help spreading the word about our community - we'll donate $5 to their organization for every new family who joins as a member.

Want to become a nonprofit partner? Click here for more information.


Do you also work with schools and/or religious organizations?

Yes! Click here for information regarding our Partner Program.


Do you also work with bloggers?

Yes! Our Partner Program is also available to bloggers and works just like any other affiliate program. Instead of receiving a $5 donation like our 501c3 partners however, bloggers earn a $5 commission for any new families who join Giving Families as a member.

To learn more about our Partner Program, click here.



More info coming soon!

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