Giving Families' Partner Program

Welcome to our Partner Program; we're SO excited you're here!

Our Partner Program makes it EASY for bloggers, schools, nonprofits and religious organizations to promote our educational products and services on their site, while earning funds for each membership that results from their referral! 

How does Giving Families know if a member of my community joins Giving Families?

After signing up for our program, you'll receive a special link to use when directing your community members to our website. This unique link is what allows us to track EVERY click -and subsequent membership purchase- made as the result of your referral.

How much do I earn for each sale? 

If you're a blogger, you'll earn a 10% commission for each membership purchased.

If you're a school, nonprofit or religious organization, you'll receive a 10% donation, provided you're operating in the United States and have a valid Tax ID. 

How will I know how much I've earned?

After signing up for our Partner Program, you'll gain access to your Account Dashboard where you'll be able to view all activity related to your unique link. 

How will I get paid?

Provided your account has a minimum balance of $100, we'll pay you monthly.

Is my blog, school, nonprofit, or religious organization a good fit for Giving Families' Partner Program?

Good Partners include:

  • bloggers focusing on topics such as parenting, families, education, homeschooling, gift ideas, etc.

  • primary schools

  • nonprofits of all kinds

  • religious organizations, encouraging their community to serve the needs of others

Not sure if you fit in one of those categories? Contact us; we'd love to chat!

How do I get started?

It's EASY!

If you're a blogger, click here

If you're a school, click here

If you're a nonprofit, click here

If you're a religious organization, click here

What can I do to promote sales?

We've tried to make this process as EASY as possible! Simply click on Suggestions and Images to find everything you'll need to announce our partnership and run a campaign.

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And, when you make a post about our partnership, simply tag us with @GivingFamilies and #GoodMailChallenge so we can "like," comment, and share your posts with all of our giving families ,too!

Are there any additional benefits to becoming Giving Families' Partner? 

Yes! ALL of our Partners will receive occasional newsletters containing promotions, contests, and other sales/fundraising opportunities.

I still have questions. What do I do? 

Visit our Partner Program FAQ, Suggestions and Images or contact us; we're happy to help! 

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