Questions & A Quote

Tired of talking about princesses and Pokémon? ME TOO!!! Perhaps these weekly conversation starters & inspirational quotes will help... Read More

Why my children go with me when I give blood...

"During my son's delivery, I lost massive amounts of blood and received a life-saving blood transfusion. Now, I bring my boys with me when I donate. They talk about how 'Mommy saves lives' and how they're going to 'save lives too' when they're old enough." Read More

Helping Children Tame Their Tongues

Do your children bark orders at you like a drill sergeant, saying things like "Mommy, I need this!" or "Daddy, I want that!"? If so, try this super simple trick that'll have them asking for help, rather than demanding it. Read More

How to Stop the Cycle of Sadness

More often than not, we associate the phrase "Pay it Forward" with acts of kindness, but acts of anger and aggression can create ripple effects too. Here's how to stop that... Read More

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