When we take the time to share moments of giving with children, they learn lessons of compassion & generosity that'll last a our mission is to help parents & children GIVE TOGETHER. ; it's FREE!

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What the research says:

Children are innately altruistic

Children as young as 18 months will instinctively attempt to help others in need.

Compassion can be cultivated

Just like all other skills, kindness, compassion & empathy must be practiced.

help others, help yourself
(AND help your children)

People who regularly help others in need live longer, happier, healthier lives.

kindness, compassion & generosity are contagious

Someone on the receiving end of an act of kindness is inspired to "pay it forward."

Parental influence is most important

Children mimic their parents' behaviors; giving parents raise giving children.

We're a grassroots movement; please help spread the word!

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